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Findings of Fact

1. Dent holds current a certificate No. 008911 as a certified public accountant (C.P.A.), and a permit to practice that expired September 30, 1999. At all relevant times, Dent’s certificate and permit were current and active.
2. Dent was the secretary and treasurer of the following:

1. Sonny Hill Pontiac-Buick-GMC Truck, Inc. in Olathe, Kansas and

2. Sonny Hill Motors, Inc. in Platte City, Missouri,

for which General Motors Acceptance Corporation provided financing; and:

3. Sonny Hill Saturn, Inc. in Olathe, Kansas,
4. Sonny Hill Chrysler-Plymouth-Jeep-Eagle, Inc. of Kansas City, Kansas,
5. Sonny Hill Oldsmobile-GMC Truck, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri,
6. Sonny Hill North of Platte City, Inc. in Platte City, Missouri,
7. Sonny Hill East, Inc. in Blue Springs, Missouri,
8. Sonny Hill Chevrolet-Geo-Jeep-Eagle, Inc. of Lansing, Kansas and
9. Sonny Hill Chevrolet-Geo-Oldsmobile, Inc. in Lawrence, Kansas,

for which Chrysler Credit Corporation provided financing.

3. To maintain the financing for the dealerships in Findings 2 (the dealerships), Dent and others sent statements of financial standing to General Motors Acceptance Corporation and Chrysler Credit Corporation (the finance companies). Such statements were falsified by inflating the amount of cash the dealerships had. After sending the statements to the finance companies,

the false entries were removed from the statements so the dealerships could have correct financial records to operate on.

4. As a result of relying on the dealerships’ false financial statements,

1. General Motors Acceptance Corporation lost $2,424,770.51;

2. Chrysler Credit Corporation lost $1,265,673.33; and
3. Boatman’s First National Bank of Kansas City, Missouri lost $404,446.

5. On November 22, 1999, the United States District Court for the District of Kansas found Dent guilty based on the facts in Findings 2 through 4 and on his guilty plea of “wire fraud and aiding and abetting” under 18 U.S.C. sections 1343 and 2. The Court imposed a sentence of five years probation and a $5,000 fine. United States v. Dent, Case No. 2:99CR20036-01-GTV.

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Automobile manufacturers increasingly turn to outsourcing vehicle components so
they can devote more attention to creating enticing designs and improving production
efficiencies. They partner with experts to supply seats, instrument panels, batteries
and a wide array of other parts – all of which are shipped to auto assembly plants
on a “just-in-time” basis.
The Automotive Systems Group (ASG) of Johnson Controls,
Inc., which provides complete seating systems, headliners
and other interior components to automakers worldwide,
is mirroring the success of its customers by outsourcing
the construction management of its own assembly plants.
That way, ASG can better focus on its core business.
“Outsourcing construction management allows us to build
as many plants as necessary to meet customer demands
without having to worry about staffing,” says Dean Boik,
director of facilities for ASG. “We can undertake one project a year or five projects a
year.” This means his department also is much less prone to add employees in boom
times and lay them off in lean times.
So, when General Motors awarded ASG a major contract to supply seats and
headliners for the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Envoy SUVs at its Oklahoma City plant,
the company turned to its own Controls Group to manage all design and construction
activities for a new facility to serve GM. The Johnson Controls plant encompasses
150,000 square feet, 130,000 of which is dedicated to production and 20,000 to
finished office space.
Construction costs of about $41-per-square-foot were $4-per-square-foot less than
the project’s target, based on the Oklahoma City market. This figure is well below
the range of $45-65-per-square-foot for previous Johnson Controls automotive
seating plants.

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Washington, D.C. – Always the setting for great giveaways, The Washington Auto Show is offering
more promotions than ever before. That’s especially true of its longtime partnership with the D.C. Lottery and
Charitable Games Control Board. This year, the Washington Auto Show and the D.C. Lottery will award prizes
to 27 lucky POWERBALL players in a second chance drawing contest.
Courtesy of the Washington Area Chevrolet Dealers, the first-prize winner will win a brand-new Chevy
Impala. The second-prize winner will receive the popular Chevy HHR, and 25 third-place winners will each
receive a gasoline card worth $200 for use at area gas stations.
For the sixth year, the D.C. Lottery and the Washington Auto Show will delight visitors with an array of
fabulous prizes, while offering popular vehicles for two lucky winners.
“We are proud to join in the great promotions of Washington’s historic auto show with this great
opportunity to spotlight two of our most celebrated models,” said Dennis Rippeon, who represents the
Washington Area Chevrolet Dealers.
Since millions of players are expected to participate in POWERBALL, the game that is offered in 29
states, Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands, interest in a second chance at winning is likely to be